My Most Favorite Teacher-Friend: Greg Ungar

It was another dusty morning in the desert, calmly walking back from the porta potty, when I saw a figure coming towards me that literally brought me to my knees.  I was so surprised to see my friend Greg Ungar smiling as he moseyed my way that I burst into tears, falling to the ground, shocked, surprised and beyond excited to know we'd get to have another week together in the desert.

I can't say I've had this response to people very often, but if you knew how integral his friendship has been in my adult life, you would understand my visceral reaction...

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My First Best Friend: Miles Plarisan

It is with very deep remorse that I acknowledge I have missed my chance to share the full gratitude in my being for our time together as kids, with him directly.  This appreciation has swelled as I've found myself many years into adulthood, so far removed from the days of swimming for hours in his backyard pool, playing Donkey Kong all night and building gingerbread houses.

Miles passed away on January 24th, 2017.  I found out about a week later as I was scrolling through my phone lying in bed waiting for sleep to take me away.  I saw a post for his memorial and felt my stomach drop. 

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The Man Who Gave Me My First Shot: Steve Glaudini

The beginning of one of the most influential domino effects in my life started when Steve Glaudini offered me my first professional job in theater.  It couldn't have come at a better time, as I was in the midst of great upheaval in my college life, and was striving to "be taken seriously as an actor."  I feel embarrassed just writing those words now, for a whole litany of reasons, but they are completely true. 

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